Dawn of Relic

Lovecraftian Dark

Artist: Dawn of Relic

Catalog Number: SOM056

Release Date: January 20th, 2003

    Chapter I - Throes Matrix

  1. Dawn over Carcosa
  2. Masquerade of sickness (The eve of reckoning)
  3. Throes Matrix
  4. Phosphor
  5. Scions of the Blackened Soil
  6. Wrathcast
  7. Watchtower Son (Lemurian Guard)

    Chapter II - Themes of Stifled screams

  1. The Awakening
  2. Bowels of Murder
  3. The Wail Of The Tartarean Wells
  4. It Dragged Her to Dark...

    Chapter III - The story of Rose Haven (unreleased demo-material)

  1. Snowfall
  2. Dormant from Kiasmagoria
  3. Phantasm and Evenfall

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