In The Shadow of Your Black Wings

Artist: Bloodthorn

Catalog Number: SOM006

Release Date: January 1st, 1997

  1. The embodied core of darkness
  2. Breeding the evil inside
  3. March to war
  4. Scarred lands
  5. Nightshadow
  6. Clouds of sadness
  7. ... with a bloodstained axe

The saga begins! Here is the long out-of-print first chapter of the dark journey of BLOODTHORN. (1997) This debut album is heralded as a milestone in the evolution of symphonic black metal. Dark, depressive, agressive and majestic, this is everything you can wish for in an extreme metal album ! "A buried jewel in the Norwegian Black Metal jungle and those who enjoy the most melodic edge of the style MUST give them a try" - Metal Observer "An amazing album!" - Vampire Magazine " Killer, high-calibre Nordic Black Metal from Norway!" -

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