Grand Declaration of War + European Legions

Artist: Mayhem

Catalog Number: SOM027R

Release Date: April 25th, 2014

Release Date US: April 29th, 2014


  1. A Grand Declaration Of War
  2. In The Lies Where Upon You Lay
  3. A Time To Die
  4. View From Nihil
  5. A Bloodsword And A Colder Sun
  6. Crystalized Pain In Deconstruction
  7. Completion In Science of Agony
  8. To Daimonion


  1. Silvester Anfang / Fall Of Seraphs
  2. Carnage
  3. View From Nihil
  4. To Daimonion
  5. Freezing Moon
  6. Chainsaw Gutsfuck
  7. Pure Fucking Armageddon
  8. To Daimonion
  9. View From Nihil
  10. In The Lies Where Upon You Lay
  11. Crystalized Pain In Deconstruction
  12. Completion In Science of Agony

Cult album 'Grand Declaration of War' (2000) is reissued in a 2-CD edition including 2001's 'European Legions'. The latter is made of seven live recordings of MAYHEM classics, as well as five tracks from 'Grand Declaration of War' in pre-production versions.

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