Desert Northern Hell

Artist: Tsjuder

Catalog Number: SOM092

Release Date: November 1st, 2004

  1. Malignant Coronation 3:11
  2. Ghoul 6:32
  3. Possessed 3:56
  4. Lord of Swords 4:16
  5. Helvete 3:16
  6. Mouth of Madness 8:03
  7. Unholy Paragon 5:42
  8. Sacrifice 3:33
  9. Morbid Lust 11:20

With a better production and more variations in the song structures than on their previous works, TSJUDER creates here an uncompromising milestone of True Black Metal, to be compared with the early ENSLAVED and IMMORTAL albums, in true spirit of the early 90's. "Respect !" – Rock Hard DE "That's what I call quality without compromise !" – Metal Hammer DE "…evil at its most compelling." – Kerrang! UK "Tsjuder have made an album that takes the band up to new levels of thought and expression" – Terrorizer

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