Wrath of Logarius Streaming First EP

Posted on December 7, 2023

More information about Necrotic Assimilation

Wrath of Logarius come crawling out of the misty California forests with a brutal, blackened and eerily melodic new subgenre: Formless Black Metal.

The skeletal trio are releasing their debut EP tomorrow, December 8. But you can stream all six fire-breathing tracks starting right now over on our YouTube channel.

Listen to Necrotic Assimilation: https://youtu.be/9wvu8XB3YQk

“While writing Necrotic Assimilation, we were able to discover and cultiave our sound”, says Wrath of Logarius. “We believe this EP is a great representation of Formless Black Metal. We are honored to be supported by Season of Mist and extremely proud to release Necrotic Assimilation on their label!”

So what exactly is formless black metal? A mountainous slop of human flesh…an amalgamation of ever-changing eyes, fangs and bone. That description is one of the first things you hear on lead single “The Burning One”, and while awfully unsettling, it hits the nail right through the demon’s skull. The song screams across the sky thanks to Noctifer’s malignant vocals, only to plunge into a fiery pit of tremolo picking.

Pre-order Necrotic Assimilation: https://redirect.season-of-mist.com/wrath-of-logarius-skull
Pre-save: https://orcd.co/necroticassimilationpresave

“Soul Ascension” is more of a slow burn, shuddering awake with an eerie guitar melody that drips like candles around a coffin. But the pace quickens before bursting into flames under the clip of Lord Marco’s hi-hat.

“To say that Necrotic Assimilation is heavy would be like saying water is wet”, writes New Noise. “[It] is a ferocious display of intent which signifies the band’s potential to become a powerhouse”.

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