Wormhole Hosting Bandcamp Listening Party

Posted on September 27, 2023

More information about Almost Human

WORMHOLE are rising up from the underground. When they’re not blasting aliens in Metroid, the band have been fine-tuning their signature combo of brutal slam and technical death metal both in and outside of Baltimore. With ‘Almost Human’, they’re proving that there is no ceiling they can’t tech-slam through.

“Straight up, Almost Human is a contender for Album of the Year for me”, says Michael Centrone of New Noise.

“Wormhole delivered a record that holds the power to redefine how brutal tech death and slam-oriented artists write future materials”, writes Angry Metal Guy.

‘Almost Human’ zips the whole tech-slam experience into a tightly clenched polygon fist. The rhythm section of drummer Matt Tillett and bassist Basil Chiasson rip through multiple time shifts, while brothers Sanil and Sanjay Kumar shoot off eerie, pixelated pangs of dissonance. Julian Kersey’s vocals are so rotten that you can practically smell the stench wafting through the speakers.

That’s still a lot to digest. Join Wormhole on Bandcamp tomorrow night and chat with the band about all the glitchy riffs, belching death growls and black hole-sized breakdowns on ‘Almost Human’.

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Date: Thursday, September 28.
Time: 9:30 pm EST.

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