TOMBS Shares Cover of GG Allin Song, “Commit Suicide”

Posted on June 15, 2022

More information about Ex Oblivion (digital)

New York/New Jersey metal collective TOMBS is now sharing a pummeling cover of the GG Allin song, “Commit Suicide.” The song can be heard here:

The single is the latest from TOMBS‘ upcoming ‘Ex-Oblivion’ digital EP, for which the final single will be made available on July 13. All songs will be available via Bandcamp, YouTube, and across all streaming services while a vinyl counterpart will be announced at a later date.

‘Ex-Oblivion’ can be pre-saved across all digital platforms here:

Download the EP via Bandcamp here:

  1. Ex Oblivion
  2. Killed by Death
  3. Commit Suicide
  4. Sombre Ruin
  5. Murder Legendre


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