THY CATAFALQUE about to release Blu-Ray of first ever performance!

Posted on October 5, 2022

More information about Mezolit - Live at Fekete Zaj

Avant-garde act THY CATAFALQUE is proud to announce the release of a Blu-ray, containing their very first live show ever, which took place at the Fekete Zaj festival (Budapest) in August, 2021. The entire performance was beautifully captured and shall be released on November 25, 2022 via Season of Mist. A first glance of things to come can be found HERE.

Besides the Blu-ray, the live show will also be available on an exclusive media book and vinyl in various colours. Pre-orders are now live HERE.

Mastermind Tamás Kátai comments: “Last August a unique and magical event took place at Fekete Zaj Festival. 26 musicians performed 15 Thy Catafalque songs in front of a sold out festival and sparked the live carnation of the project that had been a mere studio entity for 23 years. The concert has been recorded and will be released in November. Re-live the night – this will never happen again in such form.”

  1. Esőlámpás
  2. Kel keleti szél
  3. Köd utánam
  4. Szamojéd freskó
  5. Jura
  6. Mezolit
  7. Embersólyom
  8. A bolyongás ideje
  9. Sirály
  10. Kék ingem lobogó
  11. Trilobita
  12. Fekete mezők
  13. Piros-sárga
  14. Szarvas
  15. Fehérvasárnap
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