THEODOR BASTARD Playing Special Summer Concerts

Posted on June 29, 2023

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THEODOR BASTARD have been polishing up their impressive record collection. Over the past year, they’ve reissued two of their most-acclaimed albums, starting with ‘Vetvi’, followed by ‘Oikoumene’, which arrived earlier this month and included three unreleased songs and a re-imagined tracklist.

Of course, you also need to hear them live. While they’re often recognized for the mystic melodies of vocalist Yana Veva or Fedor Svolotch, who started Theodor Bastard 20 years ago, the seven-piece band are known around the globe for weaving Nordic strings, primeval flutes, dark wave, trip-hop, tree roots and even human bone into an otherworldly performance of Karelian neofolk.

This summer, Theodor Bastard are celebrating the reissues of ‘Vetvi’ and ‘Oikoumene’ with two special outdoor concerts. They’ll start by visiting Menshikov’s Garden in their native St. Petersberg on July 20, before gracing the VK Summer Stage in Moscow on July 27. Both shows will feature new choreography and songs that the band has never performed live, including “Mama Terra”.

07/20 St. Petersburg @ Menshikov Garden [TICKETS]
07/27 Moscow @ Summer Stage [TICKETS]

  1. Umbraya Erze
  2. Vetvi (English version)
  3. Salameika
  4. Kukushka
  5. Aion
  6. Niti
  7. Veter (feat. Namgar)
  8. Yaard
  9. Beliy Gorod
  10. Kolodec
  11. Vetvi
  1. Oikoumene
  2. Gerda
  3. Tapachula
  4. Takaya Mija
  5. Farias
  6. Benga
  7. Sagrabat (Diumgo) feat. Julien Jacob
  8. Intifadah
  9. Clean Kron
  10. Sol De Morte
  11. Anubis
  12. Jamarakaya
  13. Mama Terra
  14. Atika
  15. Benga (FUN-DA-MENTAL VERSION) remixed by Aki Nawaz
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