The Unyielding Spirit of ROTTING CHRIST Reigns True on Pro Xristou

Posted on May 23, 2024

More information about Pro Xristou

In the pantheon of heavy music, few names resonate as profoundly as ROTTING CHRIST. With a legacy that has both defined and defied the realms of Black Metal, the Athenian heralds return to carve new scriptures of the dark with their latest opus, Pro Xristou. A grandiose narrative born of fire, rebellion, and an unbreakable spirit.

From the labyrinthine depths of Hades to the celestial might of Zeus, Pro Xristou embarks on an odyssey through the history of mythology and paganism. A monument, etched with the profound lyrics of Sakis Tolis, exploring themes of defiance, enlightenment, and paganism’s last stand against monotheism. The album opens with the eponymous Pro Xristou, a battle cry that unites the chthonic with the divine, solidifying the band’s journey from the underworld to the pantheon of metal gods.

Ahead of its release, the Tolis brothers are streaming their 14th full length-album:

Pro Xristou comes out tomorrow, Friday May 24th, on Season of Mist.


Early praise for Pro Xristou

“Their brand of blackened metal has changed a lot over years, mostly to being melodic, a little Gothic, and even having a tribal feel to some of their songs. “Pro Xristou” embraces these same components but presents them in a much more catchy way…” – Metal Temple (9/10)

“Pro Xristou” is not an album that will surprise us; on the contrary, it will seem familiar. Yet, the album is poised to be a memorable entry in Rotting Christ’s distinguished career.” – Metal War (9/10)

“One thing is for sure after all this: ROTTING CHRIST will never let us down!” – The Gallery (8/10)

  1. Pro Xristou (Προ Χριστού) (1:29)
  2. The Apostate (5:01)
  3. Like Father, Like Son (4:35)
  4. The Sixth Day (3:56)
  5. La Lettera Del Diavolo (4:01)
  6. The Farewell (6:15)
  7. Pix Lax Dax (4:33)
  8. Pretty World, Pretty Dies (4:51)
  9. Yggdrasil (5:04)
  10. Saoirse (6:17)
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