Profanatica Announce 2024 Tour

Posted on December 18, 2023

More information about Crux Simplex

Profanatica have spit on all things holy since the early ’90s, back when they were playing the backroom of Chinese restaurants alongside Gorophobia, Immolation and Incantation.

This year, drummer Paul Ledney and his band of heretics released their sixth full-length offering of American black metal. “I think this might actually be death metal the way it was originally intended,” wrote Black Metal Terror about Crux Simplex. “Satantic/blasphemous to the core”.

It’s true; not even a good tongue-lashing from a lascivious priest could silence these devils. Today, Profanatica are ringing in the new year by announcing a US tour. Joining this vile procession are fellow disciples of the black cloth Nun Slaughter and Tombs.

There’s plenty more hate in store for 2024. Profanatica are joining their labelmates Necrofier to pound the masses at Milwaukee MetalFest on Friday, May 17.

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2024 US Winter Tour Dates

February 13 – Providence, RI @ Alchemy
February 14 – Bensalem, PA @ Broken Goblet
February 15 – Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery
February 16 – Chesapeake, VA @ Riff House

February 17 – Greensboro, NC @ Hanger 1819
February 18 – Piedmont, SC @ Tribbles

February 20 – Orlando, FL @ Conduit
February 21 – Pompano Beach, FL @ Pipers Club
February 22 – Cape Coral, FL @ Nice Guy s
February 24 – Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicorn
February 25 – Louisville, KY @ Portal
February 26 – Detroit, MI @ Sanctuary
February 27 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Preserving Underground
February 28 – Ottawa, ON @ Brass Monkey
February 29 – Quebec City, QC @ L’Anti
March 1 – Montreal, QC @ Piranha Bar
March 2 – Boston, MA @ Sonia
March 3 – Brooklyn, NY @ Market Hotel

‘Crux Simplex’ is out now!


More righteous indignation for Crux Simplex:

“Fans of sick, primitive black metal should take notice” – Metal Storm

“No rest for the wicked here”- New Noise (4/5 stars)

“…harsh, murky and ferocious…even three decades deep into their career, they aren’t losing any of the venom and aggression that’s made them a pillar of extreme metal” – Distorted Sound

“Profanatica’s new album is not only good, it slaps (the face of a priest) hard enough to stand proud between all of the bands other works over the years, and maybe even outshine them” – Metal Exposure

  1. Condemned to Unholy Death
  2. Take Up the Cross
  3. The First Fall
  4. Meeting of a Whore
  5. Compelled by Romans
  6. Wipe the Fucking Face of Jesus
  7. The Second Fall
  8. Cunts of Jerusalem
  9. The Third Fall
  10. Division of Robes
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