Hell’s Heroes VI Lineup Announced

Posted on June 30, 2023

Have you seen the lineup for Hell’s Heroes VI? The festival has special sets from Candlemass, Rotting Christ, Doro, Tank Helstar and Queensryche, who are playing all of The Warning. It’s also got Necrofier and Nite!

Hell’s Veroes VI will be at the White Oak Musical Hall in Houston, Texas on March 21-23, 2024.

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  1. The Fall from Heaven
  2. Total Southern Darkness
  3. To the Wolves
  4. Forbidden Light of the Black Moon
  5. Destroying Angels
  6. Whispers That Burn in the Dark
  7. The All Seeing shadows
  8. On Wings of Death We Burn the Sky
  9. Call to the Beyond
  10. Burnt by the Sacred Flame
  1. Acheron
  2. Kronian Moon
  3. Last Scorpion
  4. Liber ex Doctrina
  5. Heliopolis
  6. Edge of the Night
  7. Thorns
  8. The Trident
  1. Astral Embodiment
  2. Fire and Flame
  3. I Am The Moonchild
  4. Holy Mountain
  5. The Call
  6. Pir Threontai (Remastered)
  7. Welcome to Hell
  8. Phóbos
  9. The Sons of Hell
  10. Lok'tar Ogar
  11. Demonon Vrosis (Remixed & Remastered)
  1. Spiritus Sancti
  2. Visions of The Dead Lovers
  3. I Will Not Serve
  4. Phobia
  5. Moonlight
  6. Naturdemonernas Lockrop | 1000 Djävlars Namn
  7. Vicious Joy and Black Delight
  8. Tormentor (Kreator cover)
  9. Flag of Hate-Pleasure to Kill (Kreator cover)
  10. Black Sabbath (Black Sabbath cover)