HELGA Streaming Debut Album

Posted on November 20, 2023

More information about Wrapped in Mist

Hailing from the Swedish hinterlands of Dalarna and Halifax, West Yorkshire, HELGA amalgamated in 2019 in York, North Yorkshire. United by singer, Helga Gabriel, the quintet delve into a musical alchemy on their pursuit of darker manifestations.

Today, ahead of its release on Friday this week, the ensemble stream their album in its entirety. A plethora of layers and genre present themselves on this enchanting, multi-faceted album, with tracks such as “Skogen mumlar” portraying the band’s progressive & folk capabilities, or its more introspective qualities laid bare in “Alive Again“.

“As the vibrant hues of autumn give way to the crisp embrace of winter, the music world eagerly awaits the emergence of a unique musical entity, HELGA,” writes Female Fronted Power.

As the harshness of winter settles in, HELGA‘s debut album is made available as a source of warmth. You can stream the full album now on our YouTube channel.

Listen here: https://youtu.be/xvAeCCLOzKE

Wrapped In Mist comes out November 24.

Pre-order: https://redirect.season-of-mist.com/HelgaWrappedInMist

The album’s opening track & lead single, “Skogen mumlar” (The Forest Murmurs), transcends forthwith into emotive dreamscapes that leave hairs trembling on goose-pimpled skin. Ennio Morricone echoing as the intro’s muse.

The band then shifts around playfully, with the second single “Burden”, recounting a tale of relinquishment and its complexity – introspective and intricate musical passages culminate in a reassuring mélange of emotions, as Helga recognizes having finally found her place in this world.

It is with songs such as “Farväl” & “Som en trumma” that HELGA shows it’s more abrasive black metal sensibilities, truly showcasing the ensembles mastery over the plethora of layers they present on their debut album. It is ultimately an album which transcends the boundaries of genre – showcasing ethereal vocal melodies interlaced in limitless, captivating instrumentation.