THE GREAT OLD ONES – EOD: A Tale Of Dark Legacy – July 18, 2017

Posted on July 18, 2017

More information about EOD: A Tale Of Dark Legacy

In support of their latest release ‘EOD – A Tale Of Dark Legacy’ THE GREAT OLD ONES have released a play-through video featuring drummer Léo Isnard for the track “When the Stars Align” via Sick Dummer Magazine which can be viewed below.

Watch “When the Stars Align” here.

Léo Isnard comments: “Not counting the interludes, this is the shortest track of our new album. For me, it represents a perfect synthesis of all that I like to play in this band: doom parts, blast beats, and some space to add a more personal touch. And of course, nothing is better than those fast blast beats before the end of this song!”

“When the Stars Align” is taken from the latest release ‘EOD – A Tale Of Dark Legacy’. Artwork and track list can be viewed below.

  1. Searching For R. Olmstead (introduction)
  2. The Shadow Over Innsmouth
  3. When The Stars Align
  4. The Ritual
  5. Wanderings
  6. In Screams And Flames
  7. Mare Infinitum

‘EOD – A Tale Of Dark Legacy’ can still be ordered in various formats from the Season of Mist shop.

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