ESOTERIC – A Pyrrhic Existence – November 12, 2019

Posted on November 12, 2019

More information about A Pyrrhic Existence

Dark experimental doom band ESOTERIC are now streaming their new album ‘A Pyrrhic Existence’. The record was released on Friday, November 8. Listen to the full album at the link below.

The new album is streaming via the official Season of Mist YouTube channel at the link HERE.

ESOTERIC comment: “A Pyrrhic Existence’ is an album that deals with some of the darkest sides of the human psyche and the harsh realities of existence. The concepts of the lyrics deal with death, suffering, tragedy, lies and the breakdown of the human psyche. The title is a reference as to how existence can be perceived as something that inflicts so much devastation on the survivor, that it becomes tantamount to defeat. The music is a progression from previous albums, and is of an extremely psychedelic and experimental nature. It can be likened to a vicarious journey through the twisted passages of the broken mind.”

The artwork and tracklist of ‘A Pyrrhic Existence’ can be found below. The cover artwork was created by Lisa Schubert.

  1. Descent
  2. Rotting in Dereliction
  3. Antim Yatra
  1. Consuming Lies
  2. Culmination
  3. Sick and Tired

07 Dec 19 Madrid (ES) Madrid is the Dark Festival
03 Apr 20 Moscow (RU) Pravda Club (+ Who Dies in Siberian Slush)
04 Apr 20 St Petersburg (RU) Mod Club (+ Who Dies in Siberian Slush)

‘A Pyrrhic Existence’ is available in various formats in the Season of Mist shop.

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