DEATHWHITE – For a Black Tomorrow – December 4, 2017

Posted on December 4, 2017

More information about For a Black Tomorrow

DEATHWHITE are unveiling the first single of their forthcoming album, ‘For a Black Tomorrow’ in the shape of a video clip. The enigmatic bringers of darkness will release their debut full-length on February 23rd, 2018.

The video for the track, “Dreaming the Inverse” is now streaming at the official Season of Mist YouTube channel here.

DEATHWHITE comment: “Our first video foray, ‘Dreaming the Inverse’ details a man’s inability to forgive and his resultant descent into madness after receiving similar treatment from his scorned significant other. While the song itself could be applied to a variety of situations, in this instance, we felt it was necessary to visualize the oftentimes complex dynamic between two people who have effectively wronged each other. We feel the video accomplishes this in more ways than one. Beyond that, we are indebted to director David Brodsky and his team, the video’s actors and everyone else who helped make this a reality.”

DEATHWHITE are furthermore revealing the artwork and album details of ‘For a Black Tomorrow’, which can all be found below.

  1. The Grace of the Dark
  2. Contrition
  3. Poisoned
  4. Just Remember
  5. Eden
  6. Dreaming the Inverse
  7. Death and the Master
  8. Prison of Thought
  9. For a Black Tomorrow

‘For a Black Tomorrow’ can now be pre-ordered in various formats from the Season of Mist shop

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