CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX – Great Escape – September 18, 2018

Posted on September 18, 2018

More information about Great Escape

CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX are now streaming their entire new masterpiece ‘Great Escape’ via Prog Magazine (UK). Listen to the album at the link below.

Check out the full album via Prog Magazine.

Mastermind Justin Greaves comments: “Great Escape was born from a place of resignation to stressful and painful things, like holding my hands up and shouting “I don’t care anymore, I just want out of this” … Which then opened the door to a lot of other topics which relate to this state of mind, and these topics are what fueled this album.

Whether it’s internal struggles, or things in the wide world that make us despair, or wanting to help the voiceless animals escape human tyranny, most people can relate to escapism in different forms.

‘Great Escape’ is not an album of singles to achieve maximum popularity, but then no CBP album is. Sonically it’s true CBP and I hope fans get that old familiar misery -vs- hope vibe. Stick on the headphones and turn it up! There’s some very cool stuff happening under the surface of the songs.
I’ll just leave it there along with this quote from Alan Watts which sums up a lot of what this album represents.

“As soon as we are born we are labeled; name, race, nationality, family, status… We are inserted into a story not of our making. As soon as we start walking and exploring the majestic world around us we are told ‘oh, but you must go to school now! You must finish school to go to high school. You must finish high school to go to college. You must master a degree so you can get a good job. You must work hard so you can be promoted. You must make a family. You must buy a house. You must… you must… you must…’ Until you retire. And then what?” “

CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX have previously revealed the artwork for ‘Great Escape’, which can be viewed together with the album details below.

  1. You Brought It Upon Yourselves
  2. To You I Give
  3. Uncivil War (pt I)
  4. Madman
  5. Times, They Are A’Raging
  6. Rain Black, Reign Heavy
  7. Slow Motion Breakdown
  8. Nebulas
  9. Las Diabolicas
  10. Great Escape (pt I)
  11. Great Escape (pt II)

‘Great Escape’ is now available in the Season of Mist shop.

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