Virus Band

Broken rhythms, shattered melodies and twisted turns are all flowing together into a stream of consciousness now to be revealed to the world as “The Black Flux”. Like the terrifyingly multi-angled creations of Lovecraft inspired architecture erected by otherworldly beings, its nine songs drift along with deceiving beauty and grace, before clawing at the listener and forcing him/her to follow them into the depths of a dark abyss filled with icy guitar-riffs. The crooning chants of a high-priest with a clear, distinctly masculine voice conjures up wild images and black magic secrets of this hidden underworld, luring the unwary even deeper into a labyrinth of blooming, cascading sounds. This dream-journey into the lost miracles of humanity’s collective memory plants a VIRUS into the heart that can never be cured.

“The Black Flux” arrived by a long, painful route: Carl-Michael “Czral” Eide literally hit rock bottom, when both his legs were shattered in a tragic accident in March 2005, rendering his musical career in ruins on a dark street of Oslo. Within seconds an icon and much loved figure of the prolific Norwegian Black Metal scene seemed to have expired. Carl-Michael had been the leading mastermind behind VED BUENS ENDE’s cult classic “Written in Waters” (1995), which achieved a high reputation beyond the confines of the Black Metal scene with its avant-garde amalgamation of aggression and progressive or even jazzy elements.

Under the name of Aggressor, Carl-Michael together with Apollyon (IMMORTAL) and later joined by Blasphemer (ex-MAYHEM, AVA INFERI) had also formed the Black Thrash underground heroes AURA NOIR in 1993, embarking on a mission of pure raw aggression. Other merits of his include CADAVER, DØDHEIMSGARD, SATYRICON, ULVER and INFERNÖ.

After having discontinued VED BUENS ENDE for several reasons, Carl-Michael created another outlet for his multi-faceted creativity, which many of his critics and followers regarded as a close relative to the VBE sound: “Carheart” appeared in the year 2003 as the first release of VIRUS. Adding elements of Death and Jazz, “Carheart” took a turn away from the Metal environment and was considered as a complex form of Avant-Garde Rock. This album was close to perfection, but still voices craved a legitimate heir to “Written in Waters”.

When disaster struck in 2005 these wishes seemed futile, but Carl-Michael fought back with all his devotion and strength. First he survived a multitude of emergency surgery, and then his will saw him rise out of the wheel-chair and back onto his feet. With that same determination and newly sparked energy, Carl-Michael once more donned the name of Czral and set out to finally create a new masterpiece with VED BUENS ENDE with the plan to re-unite his old band. When one of the original members did not agree, he decided to continue under the VIRUS moniker, keeping and rearranging a lot of the music originally intended for VBE. With a new perspective in his life, Czral forged a magic link between the complexity of VIRUS with the occult darkness and biting fierceness of VED BUENS ENDE. All his musical experience and outstanding skills of composing have indeed flown together in this highly original masterpiece: “The Black Flux”.

Beware! This VIRUS will infect you forever!


  • Czral Michael : Vocals, Guitars
  • Plenum : Bass
  • Einar Einz Sjursø : Drums

This band is no longer active on Season of Mist.