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Théodore Rondeau, the creative initiator behind VESTIGE, embarked on a journey of forming the band during a turbulent phase in his life. Emerging as a creative vessel for a complicated emotional journey, the band transcends the boundaries of individual therapy into a collaborative force that hopefully resonates with the feelings that are all too common for so many.

With a profound connection to their craft, Vestige pour their souls into their debut album, infusing it with a captivating blend of melancholy, desperation, and catharsis. The music serves not only as an expression of their turmoil, but as a conduit for listeners to navigate the complexities of their own emotions. Through this process, Vestige becomes a project with the potential to connect with people on a profound level, forging a collective experience through the universal language of music.

The formation of Vestige’s lineup reads like a musical destiny unfolding: Pierre-André Krauzer on the bass, Quentin Regnault on drums, and Théodore on vocals and guitar. They first crossed paths during their tenure in Naraka, a band that shared stages with icons like Cradle of Filth and Alcest. This initial connection laid the groundwork for the formation of the band. Not long after, the addition of Thomas Petit on the second guitar solidified the lineup, bringing a sense of completeness to the ensemble. The band’s sonic identity now established; Vestige is ready to share this experience with the world.

The signing with Season of Mist brings the band’s first milestone, allowing Vestige to share their journey in the form of their debut album, Janis. Poised for release in late 2024, the album is a culmination of their collective efforts and a statement of the band’s arrival in the heavy music scene. Weaving through atmospheric shoegaze textures, melodic landscapes and intense, tormented moments that reflects the emotional spectrum of the human experience, the band are establishing a foothold into the genre of modern metal.

Beyond the studio, Vestige is gearing up for a series of live performance in 2024, setting the stage for an introspective musical experience that brings raw and authentic energy.


  • Théodore Rondeau : Vocals, Guitar
  • Thomas Petit : Guitar
  • Pierre-André Krauzer : Bass
  • Quentin Regnault : Drums
Date Venue City Country Info Ticket
October 18th, 2024 Simone Veil Sauveterre-de-Guyenne France   Buy Ticket
October 26th, 2024 La Maroquinerie Paris France w/ The Old Dead Tree Buy Ticket
Posted on June 12, 2024

VESTIGE introduces “Deviens la Nuit”, the first single from their forthcoming debut album, Janis. This piece emerges as a beacon of their journey, a path traversed through the heart’s deepest reveries and the night’s profound silence. It is here, in this confluence of darkness and light, that VESTIGE invites us to stand at the edge of despair and gaze into the possibility of rebirth.

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