Twelfth Gate

Modern Heavy Metal - United States

Twelfth Gate Band

The year 2000 marked the beginning of a new powerful metal band from Chicago called TWELFTH GATE. With former SYRIS members, Scott Huffman (vocals) and Rob Such (bass), joining forces with Rich Knight (guitars), and Mike Nevaril (drums), the young band was determined to record and release albums that would place them among the elite of the metal genre. The band immediately stood out from peers by providing a fresh and powerful sound, while still maintaining their traditional and progressive metal influences. With intense guitar work and a massive-sounding rhythm section as a foundation for powerful and melodic vocals, TWELFTH GATE delivered a unique and refreshing style of metal

In April of 2001, TWELFTH GATE recorded a 4-song demo at Studio One (Racine, WI) with Chris Djuricic, and began to distribute it to various independent record labels. Within months of the release of their demo, they were opening shows for bands like FLOTSAM & JETSAM, HELSTAR, BLIND GUARDIAN, and SYMPHONY X, and quickly becoming the premier Chicago metal band.

In the summer of 2002, TWELFTH GATE signed to Crash Music Inc. (USA) / Pavement Records (Europe), and soon after went back to Studio One. Again with Djuricic at the knobs, they recorded their debut album, “Summoning”. In addition to producing a solid and original metal album, the band also recruited infamous metal artist, Travis Smith, who shined their newest gem by producing some amazing artwork for it. The record was released in 2003 to rave reviews across the globe!

Over the next few years, the band played out regularly, including a co-headlining spot at the Chicago Powerfest, and continued to write and fine tune their heavy, yet melodic metallic art. Along the way, the band added ex-OPPRESSOR guitarist Jim Stopper, whose technical death metal mastery has proven to enrich the band’s sturdy craft. Darker, heavier and more apocalyptic songs have resulted, without abandoning the melodic foundation which lays strong throughout the new material.

TWELFTH GATE’s sophomore release, and first for Season of Mist, “Threshold of Revelation”, is sure to elevate the Chicago band closer to the top of the international metal mountain ! While maintaining their traditional metal influences, the band craft a style that is a progression for both thrash and power metal alike. Intricate, fluid guitar, matched with a bunker busting rhythm section set the perfect stage for the powerful and melodic vocals contained herein.


  • Scott Huffman : Vocals
  • Rich Knight : Guitars
  • Jim Stopper : Guitars
  • Rob Such : Bass
  • Mike Nevaril : Drums

This band is no longer active on Season of Mist.