Black Metal - Norway / Sweden

Skitliv Band

SKITLIV is the new brain-child of enigmatic singer Maniac, whose often erratic and self-mutilating performances as figurehead of MAYHEM, the legendary founders of Norwegian Black Metal, remains shrouded in awe, mystery and revolting rumour. His outrageous and often erratic appearances included the shedding of his own blood, the maiming of pig heads and other shocking activities. Despite all the gruesome gore, Maniac always possesses a compelling charisma that forces his audience to remain and watch with awe. His vibrant dark and powerful vocals are purest magic Maniac’s listener and they move easily from sweet seduction via hopeless sorrow to the criminally insane. Rage, beauty, pain, hate, love, cold intellect and deep compassion all ooze from those incredibly vocal chords.

After shedding this dark duties in MAYHEM to his predecessor Attila Csihar in the year, Maniac spends long months of brooding over his new musical course. Still feeling the burning desire to create dark art it takes some time and the spark of a clash of personalities until SKITLIV is conceived. At first it is mutual dislike and loathing, when Maniac meets controversial SHINING vocalist Niklas Kvarforth, after the Swede moves to Oslo in summer 2006. Maybe these two strong individuals are just too close to each other in appearance and thought. Yet over time as respect and even friendship grows between the Norwegian and the Swede it results in the musical partnership of SKITLIV. Kvarforth now plays on guitar and adds his equally amazing voice, while Maniac unleashes his stunning range and many-sidedness as an exceptional vocal artist with moods ranging from acerbic snarling enmity over desperate wails to fearsome primordial rage.

True to its proverbial title “Skandinavisk Misantropi”, which was conceived long before celebrated Norwegian artist and author Matias Faldbakken released his controversial triology of the same name, SKITLIV deliver a bleak soundtrack to personal apocalypse: dark, loathing, hating and full of venomous spite. “Skandinavisk Misantropi” is the musical equivalent of an opening of the veins and pouring out of all emotions. Adding to this miasma of hopelessness are the outstanding performances of famous guest-vocalists and friends like Attila Csihar (MAYHEM), David Tibet (CURRENT 93) and Gaahl (GOD SEED, TRELLDOM, WARDRUNA).

As the music is carefully crafted and composed over a long and at periods chaotic times, which see Maniac practically living in the Loco Studio a lot effort goes into the production with Tore Moren (ex-Arcturus) and Rune Torgersen as engineers and responsible for the mixes in cooperation with SKITLIV. Finally the sensitive and organic mastering of Andrew Liles (CURRENT 93) gives this musical gem its glorious multi-faceted finish. Be warned: “Skandinavisk Misantropi” will change your live!


  • Maniac : Vocals, guitars, soundscapes and liquid fx
  • Kvarforth : Guitars and backing vocals
  • Ingvar : Guitars
  • Dag Otto : Drums

This band is no longer active on Season of Mist.