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Hailing from the enchanting landscapes of Scotland, SAOR emerged onto the metal scene in 2013, leaving an indelible mark with their unique and captivating blend of melodic atmospheric black metal intensity and rich Scottish/Celtic folk influences. Led by the visionary musician Andy Marshall, SAOR has risen as a pioneering force in the black and folk metal scenes, crafting music that transports listeners to otherworldly realms while celebrating the very essence of Caledonia’s natural beauty.

At the heart of SAOR‘s sonic journey stands the creative genius of Andy Marshall. As the driving force behind the band, Marshall’s visionary approach to composition blends the harsh grandeur of black metal with the tender melodies of Scottish folklore. Drawing inspiration from the majesty of the Highlands, Marshall’s music becomes a conduit through which listeners can connect with the raw power of nature and the storied history of his homeland.

SAOR‘s compositions paint vivid soundscapes, invoking the haunting mist of lochs, the towering mountains, and the ancient forests that characterize the rugged beauty of Caledonia. The band’s melodic interplay and layered arrangements capture the essence of emotions ranging from introspection to elation, mirroring the ever-changing moods of the land they hold dear.

Beyond the studio, SAOR‘s live performances stand as transcendent experiences, transporting audiences into the very heart of their sonic tales. The stage becomes a canvas upon which the band paints stories of battles, legends, and the timeless allure of the Scottish landscape. These enthralling shows bridge the gap between past and present, inviting listeners to join a communal journey that celebrates Caledonia’s heritage and its enduring connection with nature.

SAOR‘s influence reverberates far beyond the confines of genre categorizations, drawing in listeners from diverse musical backgrounds. Their ability to seamlessly blend elements of folk, black metal, and atmospheric soundscapes speaks to the universal appeal of their music. As they weave the threads of their homeland’s past into the tapestry of modern metal, SAOR reminds us that the spirit of a land can be captured through the language of music.

With each album and performance, SAOR solidifies their place in the annals of metal history. Their sonic creations pay homage to the land and traditions that have shaped them, forging a powerful connection with audiences that transcends geographical boundaries. As Caledonia’s musical emissaries, SAOR continues to breathe life into ancient tales and landscapes, ensuring that the soul of their homeland resonates through every note they play.


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Date Venue City Country Info Ticket
June 22nd, 2024 Kilkim Žaibu Ukmerge Lithuania  
June 29th, 2024 SunSetForever Greifswald Germany  
August 23rd, 2024 Kaltenbach Open Air Spital Am Semmering Austria   Buy Ticket
Posted on May 24, 2022

Caledonian metal pioneer SAOR is now premiering the official music video for the brand new song, “Beyond the Wall,” which is taken from its upcoming fifth full-length album, ‘Origins!’ The song and video, which was created by Guilherme Henriques, can be found here:

Posted on April 26, 2022

Caledonian metal pioneer SAOR will be releasing its fifth full-length album, ‘Origins,’ on June 24 via Season of Mist! The album artwork, tracklist, and other details can be found below! Inspired by the myths and tales of the Scottish highlands, ‘Origins’ takes the listener deep into the Scottish heartlands while delivering SAOR‘s signature hybrid of atmospheric black metal and folk.

Posted on October 29, 2020

Caledonian metal band SAOR have announced a remixed and remastered version of their third full-length ‘Guardians’. This new edition also contains the previously unreleased demo recording of “Dawn of Heroes” and will be released on vinyl and CD via Season of Mist. The release date is set for January 15, 2021. Pre-orders are live HERE.

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