Black Metal - Norway

Nattefrost Band

Back in 1992, hell bound vocalist – guitarist – keyboardist Lord Nosferatu, along with Lord Karnstein, Damnatus and Lord Blackmangler, birthed the black metal entity known as CARPATHIAN FOREST. A band that is as relevant, evil and active today as it was in back in black metals formative years. Never one to find rest however, especially in peace, Lord Nosferatus (who has since transformed his ritual name to R. Nattefrost) restless spirit has led him to venture deeper downward and continue to torment the world with further evil endeavors. Crowning his side bands WORLD DESTROYER, HATEPULSE, BLOODLINE and GRIMM is his solo project and most unforgivable sin, the aptly titled NATTEFROST. This allowed him to be freed of the boundaries of being in a band and to do, “Whatever the fuck I wanted… total necro and narrow minded black metal!”

The devious debut, “Blood and Vomit” (2003) was written entirely by Nattefrost and is already being deemed as a black metal classic. Hailed as one of the most hatefully extreme records to ever be burned into wax, DARKTHRONE drummer Fenriz chose the song, “Sluts of Hell” for “Fenriz Presents: The Best Of Old School Black Metal” compilation released on Peaceville (2004). Nattefrosts true merit is proven as his song proudly sits alongside tracks by such genre pioneers as VENOM, BATHORY, CELTIC FROST, SODOM, MERCYFUL FATE, DESTRUCTION and MAYHEM. More evidence of the debuts supremacy is in the incredible rendition of the BEHERIT classic, “The Gate of Nanna”.

2005s sophomore release, “Terrorist” continues to recondition the currently commercially friendly black metal scene with filth and evil! His heart filled with hate and his face covered in feces, Nattefrost strengthens his attack on mainstream metal and drags the black metal genre back down towards its bleak, barren and blissfully miserable beginnings. With the aid of a like-minded few consisting of Dirge Rep (ex- ENSLAVED), Carl Michael (DODHEIMSGARD, AURA NOIR) and members of TAAKE, NATTEFROSTs dark idealism is once again embodied in an album that is destined to become an essential black metal classic.

This band is no longer active on Season of Mist.