My Insanity

Gothic Metal - Germany

My Insanity Band

MY INSANITY formed in Eisleben, Germany, back in the spring of 1996. Shortly after the recording of just their second demo tape, the band received interest from SAMAEL mastermind, Xytras who had recently started up his independent label P.U.R. (Parallel Union Records) in Switzerland. After signing a deal with the label, the band made a prodigious leap forward in their careers by entering prestigious Woodhouse Studios (recording home for TIAMAT, THEATRE OF TRAGEDY, MOONSPELL and many others) during June – July 1997. Their first opus, “Still Dreams in Violent Areas”, saw the light of day in the summer of 1999.

Well-received by the metal media, “Still Dreams in Violent Areas” gave the band the opportunity to present their new material on stage during a number of live shows. Among other gigs, they took part in 1999s “Into the Darkness” festival together with SAMAEL, GRIP INC. & LACUNA COIL.

Entering intense writing sessions, MY INSANITY created no less than 20 songs for their second full-length. Of these tracks, the best twelve songs were retained for the recording and gave a wide view on the bands abilities. Mixing electronically enhanced rock with metal elements, “Solar Child” was also recorded in Woodhouse Studios (during April 2000) and sees the appearance of Waldemar Sorychta (GRIP INC.) as guest guitarist. This sophomore effort is a fully developed piece of work that has showed much evolution from the bands earliest recorded material. In 2001, they took the record on the road as main support for THERION across Europe.

The songs from MY INSANITYs newest record, “Scattered Soul Puzzle” debut live in Holland at the “Summer Darkness” festival in August, 2005. The rocking electro-metal album lands upon the ears of world in September, 2005. Another high profile European tour jaunt is promised for autumn of that same year.


  • Christian Faust : vocals, synthetic programming phantasm
  • Mario Ermisch : rhythm and blues guitars
  • Tobias Below : bass and spaceguitars
  • Sascha Shettler : drumming and screaming

This band is no longer active on Season of Mist.