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KLONE come crashing down like a ten-ton hammer with the third full length “Black Days”. Dark musical matter spills out of a sombre universe into our reality. The French avant-gardists take a quantum jump in their very own soundscape drawing from Psychedelic Rock, Metal, Heavy Rock, Grunge, Stoner Rock and even Pop – a massive mixture, which nowadays is often labelled as Postrock. These days KLONE may be compared to an organic amalgamation of TOOL’s bizarre constructions and the fierce grinding groove of PANTERA topped by a deep emotionality that would make ALICE IN CHAINS proud and some injected psychic filigree pointing into the direction of PORCUPINE TREE. It took KLONE eleven years to polish their individual style to such perfect grace since their final founding in 1999.

KLONE originate from Poitiers, France, where the band’s core consisting of vocalist David, Guillaume on guitars, Julien on bass and drummer Laurent had met in 1995 and begun to amalgamate all their many influences like MESHUGGAH, PORCUPINE TREE, CORONER, DEVIN TOWNSEND, OPETH, TOOL, ISIS, APHEX TWIN, BJÖRK and NEUROSIS into their own musical identity. They were still fast evolving when guitarist Mika and Matthieu Metzger operating wind midi controller & samples joined the fold in 1999. KLONE was born. From this time on the French have devoted themselves to explore the depths of experimental songwriting. During the next four years they worked on finding their own sound and developing a very personal style.

KLONE’s debut “Duplicate” (2003) already created a stir amongst critics and fans. The music conveys a strong feelings of oppression, anger and fear, but without lacking in serenity and plenitude. At the crossroads of all these emotions, the meticulous work of the six musicians gave birth to a sound, which synthesized each of their individual tastes and personalities. Quite astonishingly for a debut “Duplicate” is free from any conventionality and very experimental. This is emphasized by the production as the album was mixed by Ivan Herceg (alias Jordan Master) and mastered by Jean-Pierre Bouquet (WATCHA, LOFOFORA, TRIPOD, etc.) at L’Autre Studio.

KLONE soon followed up with the “High Blood Pressure” EP (2004), which presents the very essence of the French as a permanently evolving, strong, heavy, melodic, atmospheric, hypnotic and always special entity. They went on to tour with GOJIRA, ABORTED, PSYKUP, SCARVE, DEFDUMP, DROWNING, SLEEPERS, COMITY, EYELESS, STEREOTYPICAL WORKING CLASS and HERTZ AND SILENCE among many others, leading to an extended thought process before their next output.

“All seeing Eye” holds well-orchestrated arrangements which are quite uncommon in metal, like the use of a harp, a saxophone, a Chinese flute and various electro tones. The result is an unusual blend of dark songs, deep and oppressive atmospheres, and progressive, melodic flights. The title track features GOJIRA’s Joe Duplantier as guest vocalist.

KLONE used their new extensive live experience and growing musical abilities to advance even further beyond the ordinary. Their Season of Mist debut “All Seeing Eye” (2008) witnesses the French embarked on a new meandering journey of complex and profound compositions. “All Seeing Eye” amazes with well-orchestrated arrangements, which are not quite common in Metal, like using a harp, saxophone, a Chinese flute and various electronic sounds. The result is an unusual blend of dark songs, deep and oppressive atmospheres as well as progressive, melodic flights. In perfect symbiosis with the music, KLONE’s lyrics illustrate the concept of the “All Seeing Eye” as a duel between the ruling and the ruled; the equilibrium between submission and domination. The album evolves through feelings of threat, hope, self-confidence, anxiety and ends with a feeling of suddenness. The production was carefully crafted during four months with Sylvain Biguet (TREPALIUM, COMITY, MISTAKEN ELEMENT) and J.P Bouquet again for the mastering. After the release another tour across France and other parts of the world followed.

KLONE did not stop to be content with their achievements and great success, but returned to the studio once more to work with Franck Hueso (HACRIDE, MISTAKEN ELEMENT) this time on his biggest production so far. The French managed to avoid the luring temptation of going overly complex to show off on their prowess, but imbued “Black Days” with a seemingly paradoxical accessibility and catchiness instead. In a cunning show of their roots, KLONE even surprise their audience with a cover version of famous Icelandic singer Björk’s “Army Of Me”. Now it is time to dive into the living breathing musical ocean of “Black Days” and get carried beyond the limits time and space!


  • Yann Ligner : Vocals
  • Guillaume Bernard : Atmospheric Guitars
  • Michael Moreau : Guitars
  • Hugues Andriot : Bass
  • Laurent Thomas : Drums
  • Matthieu Metzger : Saxophones, Keyboard, Systolic Devices

This band is no longer active on Season of Mist.

Posted on June 1, 2011

French metallers KLONE recently recorded a brand new song entitled “The Eye of Needle”. This atmospheric 17-minute monster will not be released on CD and is available for free on the band’s website!

Posted on March 9, 2011

KLONE’s tour in support of last year’s “Black Days” album continues. The next leg will take the band across Europe during three weeks in April, as opening act for US veterans KING’S X! The tour schedule is as follows:

Posted on December 21, 2010

KLONE just issued a video clip for “Give up the Rest”, a song off the “Black Days” album, released earlier this year.

Posted on May 21, 2010

KLONE’s new album “Black Days” is now out in the whole Europe and in Australia! To help you wait until the band’s next tour in September, you can get a foretaste of the new songs performed in concert by checking a live version of “The Spell Is Cast”, a number from “Black Days”.

Posted on April 22, 2010

As previously announced, KLONE’s new album “Black Days” includes a bonus DVD, recorded live in February 2008 at Le Confort Moderne in Poitiers, France. Here is the tracklisting of the full show featured on that DVD:

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