Jungle Rot

Death Metal - United States

Jungle Rot Band

Having a style more similar to acts such as Slayer and Sodom, rather than the typical Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation rip-offs that the underground extreme music scene is so used to seeing, JUNGLE ROT have garnered a large and loyal following within the last 5 years. The sound and attitude that JUNGLE ROT have exposed the public to, is one of efficiency and execution. JUNGLE ROT have never tried to be the goriest or most technical band in the extreme underground, but instead have focused on flowing grooves and infectiously catchy songwriting.

In 1995, JUNGLE ROT released their first full-length demo "Skin the Living". News of the demos success and reviews describing JUNGLE ROTS live performances as explosive, led to a recording deal with Pulverized Records. In 1998, JUNGLE ROT released their first full-length album "Slaughter the Weak". After enjoying more promising sales from the record JUNGLE ROT was led down when Pulverized Records closed its doors. At this time independent label Pavement Records offered to re-release "Slaughter the Weak" for the band.

Proving that they were one of the hardest working bands in the underground scene, JUNGLE ROT survived numerous lineup changes, kept playing shows and wrote new material. Some of this material was recorded for the EP "Darkness Foretold", released by cult magazine/label SOD. Once satisfied with the band lineup a studio was selected to record the next full-length. Shortly thereafter, JUNGLE ROT decided to accept an offer made to them from Olympic Recordings. Season of Mist licensed this record from Olympic Recordings for Europe.

The brand new album "Dead and Buried" is JUNGLE ROTS strongest effort yet. Staying with the formula of memorable songs and catchy grooves while still having the heaviness to live up to exceed the current requirements for extreme music ; JUNGLE ROT will continue its legacy of uncompromising straightforward aggression.


  • Dave Matrise : Vocals/Guitar
  • Kevin Forsythe : Guitar
  • Chris Djuricic : Bass
  • Jim Garcia : Drums

This band is no longer active on Season of Mist.