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[Movie Trailer Voice] In a world that’s plagued by war, natural disasters and TikTok dance challenges, one band are hell-bent on partying like there’s no tomorrow. Sure, the hangovers might hit a little harder now that they’re four albums in. But on Moshemian Thrashody, Insanity Alert are still nothing but a good time.

Ski parties visit Austria for its powdered slopes, but when Insanity Alert banded together from around Innsbruck in 2011, these adrenaline junkies had a different, more dangerous type of shredding in mind. Their destructive appetite for ‘80s crossover thrash is only rivaled by an unquenchable thirst for ice-cold beer.  

While under the influence of older party monsters like Suicidal Tendencies and Municipal Waste, Insanity Alert roll their riffs with the same strand of humor as labelmates Cannabis Corpse. Their songs parody everyone from perennial punching bags like David Guetta and Milli Vanilli to sacred cows Iron Maiden.

“We think of our renditions as tributes to the greatness of the original songs”, the band says. “Mixing their greatness with our blend of speed, fun, brutality and weirdness just feels right”.

On the strength of their demo tape alone, Insanity Alert sent skate punks and metalheads running into the pit. First Diagnosis was quickly confirmed by follow-up EP Second Opinion. Critics properly diagnosed their self-titled full-length as a much-needed dose of derangement, but the band has upped their prescription of snot-nosed speed and grinding d-beats with each release.

Moshburger was served up in 2016 while Insanity Alert were on tour with Hatebreed, Madball, Terror and Power Trip. They then shared a 666-pack with festivalgoers at Wacken Open Air. With names like Slapmaster Puke and The Inphiltrator, this band will go to comically absurd lengths just to jump into the circle pit with their fans — so long as there’s a full fridge and good bud(s) waiting backstage. When Insanity Alert played the main stage at Hellfest in 2019, Dave of the Death could barely feel his fretting hand after taking one heck of a stage dive the night before.

Moshemian Thrashody keeps the festivities going with new parodies of familiar classics like Guns N’ Roses and Iron Maiden. One might surprise you, though. Lead single “Beerless Fiesta” gives the crossover thrash treatment to (checks notes) George Michael? “I’m never going to drink again / Poor old liver has taken a beating”, Heavy Kevy sneers over a riff that’s as fast and frothy as a beer bong. Insanity Alert aren’t going into mosh retirement anytime soon, though. The title track sees Queen’s theatrics and raises it with a clown car full of hijinks, including a Hauwitzer guitar solo that pops off like a bottle of champagne. Don Melanzani chugs down blast beats as the band joins in an acapella gang chant about “letting it snow” with Santa Claus that’s rowdier than a German beer hall.

“These are some killer tunes that we threw in our drunken 420 blender”, says Heavy Kevy. “Moshemian Thrashody rides the thin line between familiar and super awkward – like seeing your old grandpa in the mosh pit or masturbating for the first time with your other hand”.

After almost 15 years of bringing crossover thrash to party animals everywhere, Insanity Alert will still go anywhere the weed blows.


  • Heavy Kevy : Vocals
  • Don Melanzani : Drums
  • The Inphiltraitor : Guitar
  • The Dave of Death : Guitar
  • Hauwitzer : Touring Guitarist
  • Slapmaster Puke : Bass
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June 21st, 2024 Copenhell Copenhagen Denmark   Buy Ticket
July 5th, 2024 Les Passagers Du Zinc Besancon France   Buy Ticket
July 6th, 2024 Riip Fest 8 Tours France   Buy Ticket
July 20th, 2024 Rock Unter Den Eichen Bertingen Germany   Buy Ticket
August 17th, 2024 Summer Breeze 2024 Wittelshofen Germany   Buy Ticket
August 19th, 2024 Festa di Radio Onda D'urto Brescia Italy w/ Exodus Buy Ticket
August 31st, 2024 Daaark Fest Bruck an der Mur Austria  
September 6th, 2024 Meh Suff! Metal Festival Hüttikon Switzerland   Buy Ticket
October 18th, 2024 Les Tanzmatten Sélestat France Rock Your Brain Fest 2024 Buy Ticket
November 1st, 2024 BEC Arena Machester United Kingdom A Night of Salvation (Damnation Festival) Buy Ticket
Posted on May 28, 2024

Insanity Alert are nothing but a good time. The veteran mosh manics just cracked open a fresh case of crossover thrash last week with the release of Moshemian Thrashody. Today, they’re celebrating their new EP by taking Iron Maiden on a fast and frothy spin through the park.

Posted on May 15, 2024

Ski parties visit Austria for its powdered slopes, but when Insanity Alert banded together around Innsbruck in 2011, they had a different type of shredding in mind. The band’s destructive appetite for crossover thrash is only rivaled by their unquenchable thirst for ice-cold beer and a jonesing for good bud(s).

Posted on April 24, 2024

Some metalheads are sticklers for the rules, but no cow is too sacred for Insanity Alert. On their new EP, the Austrian pranksters tear through a four-pack of familiar classics. But while the first single from Moshemian Thrashody yanked the chain of a saxy pop icon, the title track crashes classic rock’s night at the opera with a whole clown car full of crossover thrash hijinks.

Posted on March 6, 2024

All too often, the world can feel so dark and heavy that everyone seems to have lost their collective minds. But one band are hell-bent on partying like there’s no tomorrow.

Posted on October 19, 2022

Austria’s crossover thrash formation INSANITY ALERT are proud to announce the re-issue of their second full length “Moshburger”, which was originally released back in 2016. The new juicy moshburger is served in a crispy digipak, two crunchy vinyl editions, and various slices of merch designs on the side. Pre-orders are now available HERE.

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