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Imperium Dekadenz Band

Vae victis! Woe to the vanquished! IMPERIUM DEKADENZ hail from Germany’s Black Forest, where the Roman Empire clashed, conquered, and finally fell against first Celtic and later Germanic tribes. Its impenetrable, murky, and mysterious fog ridden woods and harsh landscapes have given rise to a dark romanticism that even imbues the works of this band with deep roots in Nordic black metal.

IMPERIUM DEKADENZ have cultivated and advanced an atmospheric style of their own with their highly acclaimed third and fourth studio albums ‘Procella Vadens’ (2010) and ‘Meadows of Nostalgia’ (2013). The dark chasms and steep rises of the Black Forest mountains are echoed within the German duos’ majestic melodies, which are contrasted by interludes of often fragile acoustic parts.

With their new full-length ‘Dis Manibvs’ – a title derived from antique Roman grave markers translating from Latin as “To the Spirits of the Dead” and basically meaning “In Remembrance” – IMPERIUM DEKADENZ take a surprising step in their evolution by adding an expression that is probably best compared to DEAFHEAVEN and DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT. Probably even more astonishing is how well and organically the German veterans integrate this sound with seeming ease into their already existing style, which has also been likened to WINTERFYLLETH and AGALLOCH in its more epic moments and MGŁA or WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM during harsher parts – to drop but a few suitable names.

Founded in the year 2004, IMPERIUM DEKADENZ quickly gained a dedicated following with their debut ‘…und die Welt ward kalt und leer’ (2006) as well as its follow-up ‘Dämmerung der Szenarien’ (2007). Lyrically, IMPERIUM DEKADENZ clad metaphors of human transience, ashes, and shadows into an antique attire with a penchant for the Roman Empire, while declining to deal with genre typical political, religious or misanthropic themes.

IMPERIUM DEKADENZ break new ground with their forthcoming masterpiece ‘Dis Manibvs’, an album that has the potential to unite traditional as well as progressive black metal adherents together in well-deserved praise – which would mark an astonishing achievement in itself. Judge for yourself!


  • Vespasian : Drums, E-Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer
  • Horaz : Vocals, E-Guitar, Synthesizer

This band is no longer active on Season of Mist.

Posted on March 20, 2018

IMPERIUM DEKADENZ have announced a string of live dates in support of their latest release ‘Dis Manibvs’ for the coming summer. Following two shows with German thrash extremists XTERNITY in April, the black metal romantics are scheduled to perform several festival and headlining shows. For a list of all currently confirmed dates and further exciting news, please see below.

Posted on February 10, 2017

IMPERIUM DEKADENZ have announced a string of headlining shows and festival appearances including the prestigious Wacken Open Air across Europe during 2017. The band will be playing in support of their latest release ‘Dis Manibvs’. All currently confirmed dates can be found below.

Posted on August 9, 2016

IMPERIUM DEKADENZ have released the sinister title-track of their forthcoming full-length ‘Dis Manibvs’, which can be pre-ordered here (out August 26th). The song “Dis Manibvs” is still streaming via the official media partners listed below.

Posted on June 8, 2016

IMPERIUM DEKADENZ are unleashing the first track from their forthcoming full-length ‘Dis Manibvs’ (out August 26), which can now be pre-ordered in various formats here. The song “Only Fragments Of Light” is exclusively streaming as a lyric video via the official media partners listed below.

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