Metal Core - France

Eyeless Band

Imagine the perfect blend of Swedish metal and New York hardcore… You can’t? Then you’d better listen to EYELESS, the newest French sensation!

At the turn of the new millennium, the French metal scene was all about nu-metal. But a violent musical beast was about to rise… EYELESS was born in 1999, fed with melodic death and hardcore music, and blindly determined to crush it all.

Their first EP, “Self Inflicted Torture”, was just a first bite of what they had to offer, but still it gave EYELESS a chance to share the stage with bands like CRYPTOPSY, DYING FETUS and VADER to name just a few.

In 2002, EYELESS released a second EP, “When Shadows Seduce”, and thanks to it, was the winner of Roadrunner France contest “Ondes de Choc”, rightfully acclaimed as “best newcomer” on the French metal scene. As one can imagine, concert offers flew after this, leading eventually to the main support act of French rock stars LOFOFORA, at the mythic venue of La Cigale in Paris.

After so much noise, a label was easily found and the first EYELESS album, “Path to the Unknown”, was released early 2004, to press acclaim: “The cocktail EYELESS made for you will blow you away” (Hard N’ Heavy), “EYELESS’ music will cleanse your ears for good” (Rock Sound).

The following tour (with label mates ETHS) would then bring the guys to every main city for a sold-out “tour de France”.

Some bands would rather rest after so much effort, but not EYELESS: the band was eager to write new songs for their sophomore album. But one last touring opportunity showed up would delay the writing for a few more weeks: a European tour with MISERY INDEX in April 2005 !

Finally back home, EYELESS was ready to unleash the fury they had kept for the new album. The songs were recorded during the summer at Trendkill Studios, near Montpellier (South of France). Danny, singer of ANGEL CREW and long time friend of EYELESS, was down there on holidays, enjoying the sea and the sun. So, very naturally, he ended up recording one song for the new album (“Crushing All My Enemies”).

During the fall, the band flew to Denmark to mix the songs with producer Tue Madsen (THE HAUNTED, HATESPHERE, DAGOBA). Being in Denmark, they also took the opportunity to get Jacob Bredahl (HATESPHERE) to sing on the song “Cursed”. The eleven songs were then ready, and the album was completed.

While shopping the album to labels, EYELESS was invited to give a song from their first album to the Listenable Records compilation “Revolution Calling”, alongside the best of the French metal scene (SCARVE, GOJIRA…).

Summer 2006: Season of Mist signs the band, seduced by their raw energy. “The Game of Fear” is a new start for EYELESS with a more metal and melodic sound but still a hardcore flavour. Such a musical jewel needed a fitting box. The artwork was done by Chad Michael Ward, known for his work with STATIC-X, FEAR FACTORY and MARILYN MANSON.

Now, please, don’t be afraid: open the box and don’t worry, this “Game of Fear” will be played for your pleasure only…


  • Fred : Vocals
  • Ole : Guitar
  • Barney : Guitar
  • Tibo : Bass
  • Seb : Drums

This band is no longer active on Season of Mist.