Viking War Trance - France

Eihwar Band

Many bands have explored the Pagan & Norse worlds over the last 15 years seeking
atmospheric, acoustic and ritual sounds with great seriousness. This is not the path EIHWAR
Although the musicians of EIHWAR are virtuosos in their acoustic instruments, their goal is to
bring some fun… and as much chaos as possible during their concerts, provoking the craziest
trance on dancefloors. They bring a festive and powerful neo-viking music whose primal force
is based on technoid machines, mixed with trance vocals and traditional Nordic sounds.
Electronics are a ‘new steel’ for those modern warriors, cold and powerful. As the web already
says, the duo is a kind of new ‘Viking Carpenter Brut’.
Since its appearance on YouTube in February 2023, Eihwar has shook the Internet and concert
venues. The band experienced rapid expansion on YouTube and was quickly booked by major
European festivals such as Hellfest, Leyendas del Rock & Wave Gotik Treffen, and more to be

“Three winters before the Eihwar clan got together, Asrunn had this crazy experience during a
runic ritual. She started bawling and got her period right then and there. I mean, not even
scarfing down her neighbour’s rabid chihuahua or winning the beer trophy with those
Pyrenean lumberjacks messed her up that bad. After that, she started having these wild visions
during her trances. Then there’s Mark, this shady dude who supposedly hung out with Shredder
(from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) in kindergarten. People say he got kicked out for
practicing some weird stuff called Seiðr and he’s terrified of sunlight. Anyway, Asrunn, Mark,
and a bunch of other misfits formed Eihwar without even planning it. Asrunn ended up
recording music while she was in a trance, like tapping into some ancient power or something,
and that’s how they bridged the gap between ancient gods and our fucking and collapsing
modern world.”


  • Asrunn : Vocals, Traditional Percussion
  • Mark : Vocals, Drum Pad, Samples
Date Venue City Country Info Ticket
June 29th, 2024 Hellfest 2024 Clisson France  
July 12th, 2024 Le Brin de Zinc Barberaz France La Nuit des Sorcières Buy Ticket
July 13th, 2024 Rock n' Eat Lyon France La Nuit des Sorcières Buy Ticket
August 10th, 2024 Leyendas Del Rock Villena Spain   Buy Ticket
October 4th, 2024 Salem Bar Bordeaux France La Nuit des Sorcières Buy Ticket
October 5th, 2024 Mauges Pit Fest III Saint-Macaire-En-Mauges France   Buy Ticket
October 19th, 2024 Jas'Rod Les Pennes-Mirabeau France La Nuit des Sorcières Buy Ticket
November 9th, 2024 Amplifest Porto Portugal   Buy Ticket
Posted on December 4, 2023

Season of Mist is proud to welcome EIHWAR to the roster! Embarking from the heart of France’s dense and enchanting forests, EIHWAR, a mysterious Viking duo, has found its sanctuary within the esteemed ranks of Season of Mist.These enigmatic warriors have risen to prominence, sending shock-waves through the digital realm and echoing their powerful presence across the hallowed halls of European venues. Their offering to the musical realm takes the form of an extraordinary concoction they have titled ‘Viking War Trance,’ a fusion that breathes life into pagan war songs, resounding drum beats, and the elegant interplay of woodwinds and strings. This musical alchemy is underpinned by an irresistibly dance-able rhythm that beckons listeners into a trance of their own.

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