The Devil’s Trade

Dark Doom Folk - Hungary

The Devil’s Trade Band

1. occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold.
“I was in the liminal space between past and present”

It is of no surprise liminal space is a key element in the next phase of The Devil’s Trade’s fourth album, ’Vidékek vannak idebenn’ (a title that loosely translates to ’There Are Landscapes Within’) as Dávid Makó, the man behind the moniker has indeed arrived to a threshold in his career, where the phase starting with his self-released debut ’Those Miles We Walked Alone’ ended after his latest album ’The Call of the Iron Peak’. The concept of liminal space itself is a not necessarily pleasant state of mind where you left behind your old life, but new doors haven’t exactly opened just yet.

As Makó states ’The process my first three records pieced together ended, that was no path for me to take anymore, but to take a step forward I had to make decisions I wasn’t inspired enough to make.’ – and from this frustrated, sort of paralyzed state of floating, a new incarnation of The Devil’s Trade was born and so was ‘Vidékek vannak idebenn’ along with it.

While still true to his solo artist roots, delivering gut-wrenching melodies of darkness and beauty on his own, Makó needed an expansion to his universe. With the addition of long-time friend and former bandmate Gáspár Binder on drums and a live keyboard player, he finally took the much needed step forward and ‘Vidékek vannak idebenn’ portrays the next sonic phase of The Devil’s Trade.

A soundtrack to the next phase of his life. A soundtrack to souls stuck in liminal space, hungry to adapt to new realities and to grow further, outside the boundaries which so often shackle them.


  • Dávid Makó : vocals, guitars, banjo
Posted on May 3, 2023

Dark singer-songwriter act THE DEVIL’S TRADE is proud to announce the brand new album “Vidékek vannak idebenn” which will be released on July 14, 2023 via Season of Mist. In celebration, THE DEVIL’S TRADE now release the first new track ‘Flashing Through the Lack of Light’, which comes in the form of a stunning music video. The video is now streaming on YouTube HERE and on all other digital platforms HERE.

Posted on April 24, 2023

Dark singer-songwriter act THE DEVIL’S TRADE are now announcing new dates for their ‘Écailles de Lune – Anniversary’ tour in September and October of 2023, supporting the legendary ALCEST. The band will hit the first venue La Bam – Metz (FR) on 29th of September and will continue to captivate the audience in 9 different countries, playing a whopping 20 shows!

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