Dead Shape Figure


Dead Shape Figure Band

Finland is a land of thousand lakes, endless forests and many big, silent guys that empty a bottle of vodka in no time without even raising an eyebrow. Helsinki is a city full of goth-guys trying to follow in Ville Vallo’s footsteps, while the other half of its musical population is busy copying melodic death or playing polka metal instead. There will always be a grain of truth in any stereotype, but none of the above applies to DEAD SHAPE FIGURE.

With their debut album “The Grand Karoshi” these Finnish youngsters are setting out to conquer the world. Aggressive modern thrash meets melodic northern death metal to drive ten songs home with precise force. “The Grand Karoshi” displays a rare talent and musical prowess, which only the already initiated to DEAD SHAPE FIGURE would expect from a first release. A powerful production, crushing sound and outstanding song writing will catapult these hopefuls into the ranks of other fast starting premiers. Thrash-maniacs should await “The grand Karoshi” with baited breath!

DEAD SHAPE FIGURE combines hard hitting musical aggression and raw energy with a sweaty extremely physical performance, which leaves their audience in breathless awe. Yet the young Finns are not all body and brawn, but well able to use their brains as well. A lot of thought and effort is flowing into their lyrics, which cite and critically grapple with illustrious as well as infamous names like Ikujiro Nonaka and Hirotaka Takeuchi, Albert Camus, Søren Kierkegaard, Pentti Linkola, Edgar Allan Poe, Nikolai Gogol and Fyodor Dostoevsky alike. Yet the Finns do not just repeat some famous quotes, but also understand those words and adding meaning by putting them in a new context. There is no need to be afraid of an intellectual overdose though. DEAD SHAPE FIGURE indulge and spread the pure joy of old-school thrash violently upgraded to the new millennium with a groovy and heavy edge.

Hard work and not literary debate has formed the band as it stands today. After DEAD SHAPE FIGURE was founded by a group of like-minded spirits all eager to go out and play fast, furious and intelligent thrash metal the young Finns decided to make it the hard way with an eagerness to go out and play. In less than four years, they managed to over a hundred gigs in Finland and the Baltic states before they even signed their first record deal. At times their persistence bordered on madness. While it can still be considered to be nearly sane to get as far as the Ukraine to appear in front of an audience of 4.000, there may be doubts about driving almost a thousand kilometres to rage for just 30 paying people. Please keep in mind that none of this was backed up by a record company. Everything they did was self-organized and self-financed. It comes as no surprise that not all of the original members were able to keep up with the pace and pressure of this rocking lifestyle.

In those flames of self-chosen purgatory the remaining members and new additions to DEAD SHAPE FIGURE were forged into a powerful unity with a sharp cutting edge. Their dedication to the band and metal paid off, when the Finns were invited to embark on a crusade throughout all of Europe opening for Chimaira and Maroon. With their remarkable ability to get ready to perform in less than five minutes, DEAD SHAPE FIGURE impressed the veteran-crew from day one, gaining them a real sound-check, which is quite unusual for any support act. Their professional attitude and explosive performance gained them the respect of all other bands and took their surprised audience by storm. For those eagerly awaiting their first album after seeing DEAD SHAPE FIGURE on tour and of course for everyone else as well, now it’s the time: “The Grand Karoshi” is unleashed upon the world and will not let its listeners off the hook easily. This is a total thrash-experience for real…


  • Galzi : Vocals
  • Juhani : Guitars
  • Kride : Guitars
  • Neibu : Bass
  • Mohkis : Drums

This band is no longer active on Season of Mist.