Crest, The

Dark Rock - Norway

Crest, The Band

THE CREST was formed in 1996 by Nell (vocals) and Kristian (guitars, programming), playing Melodic Doom Metal. Until the recording of their second demo the groups name and line-up changed several times. It is in 1999 that the band decides on its actual name and that the line-up remains rather stable. From then to now THE CREST develops their music to a characteristic sound of catchy pop melodies with dark massive guitars and female vocals.

In 2001 the band spent one month in Sound Suite Studio (France) to record their debut album “Letters from Fire” together with producer Terje Refsnes (TRISTANIA, CARPATIAN FOREST, THE SINS OF THY BELOVED) for Season of Mist. The album was warmly welcomed by the Goth-Rock community and during spring 2002 THE CREST toured Europe with fellow Norwegians MORTIIS. The year hereafter, THE CREST co-headlined the Eurorock Winter Fest, Borgerhout, Belgium with Swiss Goth legends CLAN OF XYMOX.

Despite the raving live reviews, 2003 was not a good year for THE CREST. Writing and working on the next album turned out to take more time and energy than the band actually had and THE CREST decided to take a year off.

Nell and Kristian spent that year experimenting with electronic music under the name RUSTFLOWER INCORPORATED, and Nell replaced Liv Kristine and took over the lead vocals in THEATRE OF TRAGEDY!

However, after a “Crestless” year, the need for massive dark rock started to kick in, and during the summer of 2004 the band re-united and continued working on their second album entitled “Vain City Chronicles”. The studio of choice was Top Room Studio (Norway), to capture the live-energy and the heaviness that the band missed on their debut.

“Vain City Chronicles” shows a heavier, more guitar-based side of the band, while still focusing on the characteristic melancholic melodies and of course Nells soothing voice.


  • Nell : Vocals
  • Kristian : Guitars, Programming
  • Magnus : Bass
  • Sebastian : Guitars
  • Klaus : Drums

This band is no longer active on Season of Mist.