Council of the Fallen

Death metal - United States

Council of the Fallen Band

COUNCIL OF THE FALLEN was formed in 1998 by Derek Roddy (drums, now also featuring in Hate Eternal) and Kevin Quirion (vocals, guitars) in South Carolina, USA. While Derek moves back to Florida the following year, Kevin continues writing. And in 2000 COUNCIL OF THE FALLEN records its first demo entitled “Demo(n)” in Deerfield Beach, Florida at Dereks personal studio.

Three years after the foundation of COTF, the band records the debut album “Revealing Damnation”. Again recorded at Dereks personal studio. Sean Baxter joins the band taking over the bass and adding death metal vocals. This album leads to the signing to Martyr Music Group.

COTF record their second album “Deciphering the Soul”, but now at Mana Studios in Tampa, at the beginning of the year 2003. Tim Yeung (X-Hate Eternal) records the drums and Shawn Ohtani records second guitars. Sean Baxter also adds classical guitar and violin to the recording. To top it all off, the record was produced by Extreme music legend Eric Rutan (Morbid Angel / Hate Eternal / Ripping Corpse).

Middle of the year COTF break ties with Martyr Music Group and are free to shop the CD around and sign with Season of Mist. 2004 will see the release of “Deciphering the Soul”. The band also plan on touring towards the end of the year.


  • Derek Roddy : Drums, now also featuring in Hate Eternal
  • Kevin Quirion : Vocals, Guitars
  • Sean Baxter : Bass, death metal Vocals
  • Shawn Ohtani : Guitars

This band is no longer active on Season of Mist.