Industrial Techno Metal - France

Corpus Band

Corpus are previously known and quite famous in the Gothic scene under the name Corpus Delicti. But after touring in Europe and the USA with the like of Faith and the Muse and Das Ich, Corpus Delicti decided to “update” to the 90s, reducing their name to Corpus and moving from a Bauhaus – Sisters of Mercy inspired Gothic style to a totally modern Crossover reminding of Front Line Assembly, Hardwired or even Marlylin Manson.

Sadly the band didnt survive the mutation, nonetheless Syn:drom is a brilliant album by its diversity and maturity. Its a far more interesting piece than what other Electro Metal bands grooming nowadays release. Old guys do it better…

Future plans : Corpus are now reduced to one member, Christophe, whos working on an industrial project, Unit Prolet.


  • Sébastien : Vocals
  • Jérôme : Guitars, sampling and programming
  • Chris : Bass
  • Roma : Drums
  • David : Keyboards, sampling and programming

This band is no longer active on Season of Mist.