Carpathian Forest

Black Metal - Norway

Carpathian Forest Band

ANNO 1990 – CARPATHIAN FOREST was birthed by R. Nattefrost (aka Nosferatu) and J. Nordavind (aka Lord Karnstien). The first demo “BloodLust & Perversion” was unleashed in 1992. This grim cold, morbid sound would become their trademark. 1993 witnessed the release of the demo, “Journey Through the Cold Moors of Svarttjern” which expanded the true ethics of the band and their devotion to darkness and despair.

CARPATHIAN FOREST surfaced again in 1995 with the now classic “Through Chasm Caves and Titan Woods” E.P. (Avantgarde Music). The forest laid in wait for a period of three years following, before the band unleashed their first full scale attack, “Black Shining Leather” in 1998. It featured the drumming of Lazare (SOLEFALD).

Stronger then ever, the band began writing new material which spawned a two records, both recorded at Norway’s Sound Suite Studio. The first opus of perversion being “Strange Old Brew” in 2000 and concluding with the aptly titled “Morbid Fascination of Death” in 2001 (Both Avantgarde Music). The period of these recordings saw many changes within the structure of the band including the permanent addition of A. Kobro (IN THE WOODS) on drums, Tchort (ex-EMPEROR, GREEN CARNATION) on guitar/bass with Vrangsinn on bass and synth. The albums also contained a cover of Mayhem’s “Ghoul”, and new versions of the bands own classics “Carpathian Forest” and “The Last Sigh of Nostalgia”.

A lengthy European tour in support of BEHEMOTH followed, before they entered the studio in 2002 to record “We Are Going To Hell For This ~ Over A Decade of Perversion”. The album contained new songs, cover songs, live tracks and demos and was their final release for Avantgarde Music.

The master for their Season of Mist debut was recorded at Sound Suite Studio during the summer of 2002. Titled “Defending the Throne of Evil”, it possessed the streets on March 17th, 2003. The band secured their seat amongst the evil elite by then touring the world including a festival appearance on the high profile Wacken Open Air that same summer.

Hereafter “Skjend Hans Lik” was released (2004) to hold over their anxiously evil fans until the next full length studio recording. On this album CARPATHIAN FOREST made their legendary ’92 demo “Bloodlust and Perversion” available in good quality and in its integrality, along with several bonus tracks.

Also in 2004, CARPATHIAN FOREST was invited to open the now infamous GORGOROTH gig in Krakow, Poland. CARPATHIAN FOREST’s set was immortalized as it was filmed for their “We’re Going to Hollywood For This…Live Perversion” DVD, released on Metal Mind that same year. The gig went down in Polish history as the one black metal show to be shut down by the local authorities for obscenity, nudity, violence and blatant Satanism ! Although CARPATHIAN FOREST survived the show unscathed, several members of GORGOROTH were arrested following the show.

The music for the new full length, “Fuck You All!!!!” was recorded in Spring 2005 but lay in an unfinished state as lead vokillist Nattefrost released his newest blackened-punk solo opus “Terrorist: Nekronaut Pt. 1” under his NATTEFROST moniker. Vocals and the finishing production touches on “Fuck You All!!!!” were added in late 2005 / early 2006 and will fall onto the black earth in May 2006.

The album’s layout and artwork were done by Nattefrost himself! A full scale world tour starts prior to the platter’s release with scheduled stops throughout Europe, South America, Australia as well as their first ever appearances on North American soil. Now fuck you all!


  • R. Nattefrost : vocals / guitar
  • Vrangsinn : bass
  • Tchort : guitar
  • Bloodperverter : guitar
  • A. Kobro : drums

This band is no longer active on Season of Mist.