Black Comedy

Modern Metal - Norway

Black Comedy Band

Since their conception Norway’s BLACK COMEDY have gone through many development stages and musical phases. The Oslo based band has shown continuous progress towards the more technical and mature sound that can be found on their debut album “Instigator”. Regarding their greatest asset to be the musical diversity of its members, each one has individual attributes and is capable of contributing something distinctive to integrate into the BLACK COMEDY ‘soundscape’.

In 2000 the band released its first full-length demo album dubbed “Crawl to Exceed” which immediately generated interest within Oslo’s metal audience. Two years later the first label release came with the “Synthesis” EP that garnered great reviews. Live shows followed further solidifying BLACK COMEDY’s position within the Norwegian metal scene.
After several changes to the initial line-up, the band withdrew to its studio to focus on producing new material and integrating its newfound distinguished members into the musical corpus.

Renown for its intensely physical and tight musicianship, BLACK COMEDY’s name and reputation have caught significant attention in Norway’s music underground – attracting fans of various musical preferences and genres from the more extreme forms of metal to the electronic and modern metal scenes. Throughout its evolution, BLACK COMEDY have striven to craft a sound that is unique to its contemporaries, seeking to break down traditional conventions or rules within genres to form its own distinctive style. In today’s stagnating music scenes, where terms like ‘old school’ and ‘retro’ are incorporated and taken as new trends, BLACK COMEDY have sought to bring their listeners the exact opposite: a hard hitting and crushing sound, uncompromising rhythmic, and cutting edge metal combined with massive electronic music. The result is an eclectic approach to metal, where the extreme is perfectly combined and attuned with the catchy and atmospheric. Lyrically BLACK COMEDY revel in the contradictions of human behaviour through a sarcastic, yet equally self-ironic lens, scrutinizing the human comedy / tragedy through wide-ranging themes such as the failure of high politics, ineptitude of mainstream media, religious fanaticism to more personal subjects that explore the bands own psychology. The critical content of the lyrics is multi-angled, intended to bring the listener with moments of both seriousness and witticism.

In 2007 BLACK COMEDY signed with Season of Mist for the release of their debut full-length album. The band has been working tirelessly on the album, which has been given the title “Instigator” and is set for worldwide release in early 2008.


  • Jon E. Bergan : Lead Vocals
  • Marius Strand : Guitars & Vocals
  • Stefano Bardellotto : Guitars & Backing Vocals
  • Bjørn M. Borg : Synths & Programming
  • Tjodalv : Drums
  • Memnock : Bass

This band is no longer active on Season of Mist.