Bestial Mockery

Black Metal - Sweden

Bestial Mockery Band

The year 1995, mentally distorted Master Motorsåg and Warslaughter met each other and eventually came to the conclusion that something needed to be done to unleash their mental illness. BESTIAL MOCKERY were formed as a wicked idea, but more soldiers were needed before battles could be won, so metalpunk Micke Doomanfanger was brought in. The “Battle” and “Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw” demos were recorded in 1996 by the three-piece band.

The band’s first gigs took place in the fall of 1997, with various session members. During early 1998, Sir Torment joined BESTIAL MOCKERY to play the bass. With him they recorded another demo in spring 1998 called “Chainsaw Demons Return” and played a few other shows in the following months.

In summer 1999, the band was signed by Max Varnier (RIP) from French label Impaler of Trendies. A few months later, Sir Torment was charged for treason and had to leave. Mid December 1999, actually 2 hours before a gig, Rob Devilpig showed up and played the gig with the band. Then, in the nuclear distorted beginning of 2000, BESTIAL MOCKERY recorded the “W.A.R. : The Final Solution” six track opus and the “Nuclear Goat” split 7″ with SUICIDAL WINDS. A split live effort with Canada’s LUST called “Live for Violence” was also unleashed. With these onslaughts, BESTIAL MOCKERY were prepared for war. So in May 2000, they launched an attack on the eastern front at the Hell Gates festival in Tallinn, Estonia.

August 2001: German label Sombre Records released a sixteen track LP called “Chainsaw Execution” containing tracks from all their releases so far as well as an unreleased studio track and some live shit. In October they hit Holland and Belgium for some gigs with MANIAC BUTCHER, DRILLER KILLER, LUGUBRE, BOTULISTUM and WIU DRAKH. Serial killer Ted Bundy was recruited on second guitar for this unholy crusade, and in November the band played in Gothenburg with their goatpals LORD BELIAL, and the triumph was a fact.

During spring 2002 BESTIAL MOCKERY did several gigs with KILL, WATAIN, NECROPLASMA, SCURVY, BIRDFLESH and MASSAKER among others. In May 2002 the “Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw” album was unleashed by Metal Blood Music. That very month was a hard blow for all wimps since a second lightning strike was launched in form of the new “A sign of Satanic Victory” 7″ released by Warlord Records. In the fall of 2002, the band embarked on the “Christcrushing Europe” tour and ravaged Europe for 2 weeks. The tour was a merciless success and no prisoners were taken in countries such as Holland, Germany, Slovenia and Finland.

In 2003 BESTIAL MOCKERY unleashed several vinyl attacks: the “Tribute to I-17″ split 7” with AXIS POWERS, the “Outbreak of Evil” four split EP with VOMITOR, NOCTURNAL and TOXIC HOLOCAUST and then at the end of the year the long awaited “Evoke the Desecrator” album was set free by Osmose Productions. In 2004 they embarked on the “Revenge of the Desecrators” tour. Short after, they recorded the “Sepulchral Wrath” demo-tape and the “Eve of the Bestial Massacre” split LP with long time allies UNHOLY MASSACRE. The band then performed at some summer festivals in 2005, before recording the naturally entitled “Gospel of the Insane” album, which was released in January 2006.

BESTIAL MOCKERY then left Osmose and did some more festival gigs in spring/summer 2006. In winter, the “Sepulchral Wrath” demo-tape was finally released after two years in the vaults, and several split releases followed: “Eve of the Bestial Massacre” (with UNHOLY MASSACRE), “Poison of the Underground” (with FORCE OF DARKNESS) and “Metal of Death” (with DESTRUKTOR). Summer 2006 saw the release of the “Chainsaw Destruction” compilation, the four split CD of rehearsals with SATHANAS, CRUCIFIER and THRONEUM, and the first three demos as “Unholy Trinity”.

Now is the time for BESTIAL MOCKERY’s triumphant return in full-length format with the brand new “Slaying the life” album, on the new Season of Mist division Underground Activists. “No pardon given our aims are fucking set – we are out for destruction and we are coming for YOU!” (Master Motorsåg, from the outbombed trenches of Armageddon 2007).


  • Master Motorsåg : Vocals
  • Doomanfanger : Guitar
  • Ted Bundy : Guitar
  • Devilpig : Bass
  • Warslaughter : Drums

This band is no longer active on Season of Mist.