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Aborym Band

The first ABORYM three-piece line-up was formed in 1992 by vocalist/bass guitarist Malfeitor Fabban. The band started as a cover-band, performing songs by SARCOFAGO, MORBID, CELTIC FROST, MAYHEM and DARK THRONE. 1993 saw the release of ABORYMs demo tape, entitled “Worshipping Damned Souls”. They sold 700 copies within a year, but shortly hereafter Malfeitor Fabban decided to stop the band.

In 1997, after having participated on several other projects, Malfeitor Fabban reformed ABORYM with Seth Teitan. The fire demon was summoned again… No way back ! In very few months they started to arrange previous stuff and new tracks, and they signed a two-album contract with Scarlet Records. In 1999 the debut album “Kali Yuga Bizarre” was released, with Yorga as lead-vocalist, Nysrok on lead guitar (formerly of SATANIK TERRORISTS and ALIEN VAMPIRES). The “voice of death” Attila Csihar (MAYHEM, TORMENTOR, PLASMA POOL) joined the band in the studio as special guest for the album, that sold over 5 000 copies. After the release of the album, Yorga quit the band and Attila Csihar replaced him as lead shaman vocalist.

“This is what Black Metal should be all about. Ugliness, rawness, destruction, scary…And a message so insane…”, wrote Norwegian Slayer Magazine

The second ABORYM album needs no introduction. “Fire Walk with Us”, released in 2001 by Scarlet Records, is a must, an album coming directly from the future. It was chosen “Album of the Month” in Terrorizer (10/10). Once again, Slayer Magazine wrote : “This is always disturbing. It fucks you, so for me this is what Black Metal is all about. I do like the fact that more bands bring back the element of fear in the music… ABORYM brought a new level of unexpected disturbance to Black Metal” (5/6). Adam Wasylyk from Unrestrained magazine hailed : “The music on “Fire Walk With Us” is a new facet of black metal bestiality ; pushing extremes with new visions of harshness… Its what every innovative band does… Definitely a band who are happier to set trends than to follow them”.

In 2002, ABORYM signed a deal with Italian label Code666. Seth Teitans friends and true ABORYM supporters Bård “Faust” G. Eithun (ex-EMPEROR, ex-DISSECTION, SCUM) and R. Nattefrost (leader of the misanthropic Norwegian cult CARPATHIAN FOREST) were invited to collaborate to the new ABORYM sonic-chaos called “With No Human Intervention”. An album in which the ABORYM song-writing was at its top. Bård “Faust” G. Eithun wrote the lyrics to three songs for ABORYM, and he was able to record some spoken words by phone. R. Nattefrost wrote lyrics to one song and performed his serial killing evil vocals on one track called “The Alienation of a Blackened heart”, recorded together with the band in Rome (IT). The final result of those two collaborations is simply exciting and unique. As other guests, the album also featured Irrumator of ANAAL NATHRAKH, Sasrof of Diabolicum and Matt Jerman from VOID, OCD. Irrumator recorded at Mental Siege Studios in Rome (IT) the digital-synthetic-drumming on “The Alienation of a Blackened heart”. Sasrof created a track called “The Wolf Song” which you can hear as soon as you open the CD-Rom track plus a bonus track called “Death Industries”. Matt Jerman is the author of the amazing and mind splitting “Does Not Compute” soundscape.

The album was recorded at the Temple of Noise studios in Rome, Italy. It contains 14 tracks and a multimedia part with the whole album in high-quality MP3 format and with “With No Hum@n Intervention” EPK-video.

In 2003, Aborym performed shows in Oslo (Inferno Festival), Groningen (NL), Arnhem (NL), Gent (BE), Budapest (HU) and Milan (IT).

2005 is a year of important changes for ABORYM. Attila Csihar decided to join MAYHEM again, after seven years of cooperation, a strong friendship, hard suffering and amazingly exciting eye-poppin results with ABORYM. Because of MAYHEMs intense live activity, ABORYM decided not to continue with Attila, who was replaced by Ravn Preben Mulvik aka Prime Evil (MYSTICUM, AMOK) on the mic. No need to say that Prebens joining sounds incredibly exciting for ABORYM, since MYSTICUM was and forever will be one of the pioneers in the Industrial Black Metal scene of the 90s and a great inspiration for ABORYM too. Attila Csihar appears for the last time on the new ABORYM album as guest on one track, in order to celebrate the majestic ABORYM rising in seven years of activity.

After his fundamental contribution from writing lyrics to doing spoken passages and playing live with the band (Oslo, London, Milan) Bård “Faust” G. Eithun is now a permanent part of ABORYM. For the first time ABORYM is going to perform and experiment black industrial extreme metal with a real (great) drummer and it sounds like a new fascinating scenario for the band. An important and fundamental piece of the old glorious Emperor plays in ABORYM now. At the same time, guitarist Seth Teitan left the band. Of course ABORYM are proud of all they did over the years with Seth and they stand up for it, but things change and Seth is now playing guitar with DISSECTION.

After considering several offers from European and American labels the band decided to ink a deal with Season of Mist that they consider “the most quality black metal label”. ABORYM recorded the new album on between April and July 2005 in Rome, with the following club-fighting and mind-crushing constellation of musicians : Malfeitor Fabban (bass guitar, synth, backing vocals), Bård “Faust” G. Eithun (drums), Nysrok (guitar, synth), Prime Evil (vocals), and Attila Csihar as guest. History will continue with a new insane chapter marked by ABORYM !


  • Malfeitor Fabban : bass guitar, synth, backing vocals
  • Bård "Faust" G. Eithun : drums
  • Nysrok : guitar, synth
  • Prime Evil : vocals
  • Attila Csihar : guest

This band is no longer active on Season of Mist.

Posted on October 14, 2010

Italian industrial black metallers ABORYM’s new opus “Psychogrotesque” will hit the stores on next November 8th (one day later in the US). Made of a single, 52+ minute song divided into 10 parts, the album will be available as limited edition digipak and gatefold double LP with digital download card.

Posted on September 9, 2010

As previously announced, Italian electro / black metallers ABORYM’s fifth album will be out on next November 8th (November 9th in the US). Here is the cover artwork of “Psychogrotesque”, created by the band’s leader Fabban himself.

Posted on September 2, 2010

As previously announced, Italian electro / black metallers ABORYM’s fifth album will be out on next November 9th.

Posted on August 11, 2010

Four years after the critically acclaimed “Generator”, Italian electro/post black metallers ABORYM are back with their fifth album! Set for a November 8th release, the new full-length is entitled “Psychogrotesque” and is made of one story, a single song written four-handedly by the band’s mastermind Malfeitor Fabban and talented new guitarist Hell:IO:Kabbalus.

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